October has been one hell of a month. A mix of lovely fall scenery, delicious pie, and loads and loads of things to do! Despite the relaxing smell of macintosh in the kitchen, the stress isn’t giving me a break! That being said, it’s been a super fun month, with lots of fun mixed into the work.

Do // Apple Picking     This year was the first time I had gone apple picking since I was in elementary school and oh my god it’s my new absolute favorite thing. That fresh apple smell, fun pictures, and that weird scooper bucket thing(link to photo of my using cupper thing)! Best day I’ve had in a long time Plus, pie!

Read // The Regulars     Realizing that school needed to really take priority, I ended up way behind the CFash book club. That being said, I’m still going to give The Regulars a read! I did finish Gentleman in Moscow, and loved it. The Regulars might be my last read for the year, but I’m going to try to get one more in before the new year!

Watch // Maniac     I started watching Maniac with the beau this month and wow, wow, wow. As I’m writing this, we’re just two episodes in. My mind is just going a mile a minute making connections and theorizing. If you’re looking for a good, brain-twisty ride, definitely going to recommend Maniac! End of the month update, finished this yesterday, and I still cannot get over how good this show was!

Listen // On the Line     I’ve been a longtime fan of Estee Lalonde, but I didn’t listen to her first podcast.  I was between a few shows this month and gave On The Line a listen for the first time, and I really really enjoy it! Jules von Hep was an amazing guest, and the Reiki episode was actually super inspiring! Can’t wait to keep listening, just loving the little “hello?” 

Learn  // Prioritizing     This is not a new struggle for me. I have consistently struggled with taking things on, and then being unable to handle it. October was really rough for me, with a lot of stress coming down in a bad way. Instead of my usual head in the sand response, I’m learning to face the music. I’ve taken an Incomplete in a class, a delay for my assignments, and passed on some of my voluntary social media duties to help clear up what I’m doing, and better manage my time.

Taste // Apple Pie     I mentioned this in my Fall Bucket List, but I made the most amazing pie this year. I am not a baker, usually baking is a source of stress! But this year, I used this recipe for the filling and it was fantastic. There is a recipe for the crusts there, but honestly, the Pillsbury crusts are the best. Definitely using this one again come Turkey Day.

Wear // Hilfiger Sweatshirt Blazer     I found this at TJMaxx a few weeks ago for just $49, and I have been in love with it ever since. Super comfy, super warm, and totally office appropriate! I love the grey color, and the blue elbow patches and inside are a perfect complement to my wardrobe. I feel great wearing this, with literally everything. You can find it here at Boscovs, not quite the same price I found, but still pretty reasonable.

Work // Internships!     It’s that time of year guys, I’m starting to apply for my spring internships and I am low key, very low key, freaking out. I have six applications going out by the end of this week, and finishing up my new resume and cover letter today! If anyone has a lead for an influencer or digital marketing internship, feel free to let me know!

Want // Boss Blazer     It’s just been a blazer month for me! Meghan Markle sported this blazer on her Australia tour and I am in loove with it. It’s a total must have to add to my blazer collection. I only have one oversize, and this is the perfect friend for it! If anyone can find A budget look-alike though let me know. As much as I want it, my budget does not have room for a $145 blazer!

With October coming to a close, I’m officially halfway done with my semester, starting to apply for internships, and already looking ahead to my summer plans (oh jeez). It’s been a crazy month, but I’m taking life by the horns and getting ready to take on November like nobody’s business!

What were your big wins in October? Any big plans for November?