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Spring Favorites

Can you believe it, spring is already on it’s way out the door?? I know there’s technically another month until it’s officially summer, but let’s be real, summer kicks off Memorial Day Weekend. The past few months have been totally crazy with school ending and a third job kicking up, but I made it to my last summer break!

Do // Spring Lake 5 Miler I ran a 5 mile race and didn’t die! I wouldn’t call this the biggest win of my life, but I freaking did it. I finished. It was the first time I’d even run a race, and the first time I ever actually ran 5 miles. There’s a lot to improve upon for sure, but I’m really, genuinely proud of myself for doing it! I’ll post pictures on instagram, as soon as they are in!

Read // Call Me By Your Name I finally finished Little Fires Everywhere, and it was pretty good, but overall meh. I started reading Call Me By Your Name again, and I have been absolutely devouring it.

Watch // The Good Place I know, so ridiculously late to the party here!I watched most of season one in a day, and I loved it. I needed a new light, funny, non-complicated comedy as a mental break. This was 100% it. It’s cute, Chidi is an amazing character and I genuinely love Kristen Bell and Jameela Jamil. If you haven’t watched, you should!

Listen // Help Me Now Kevin McHale, AKA Artie from Glee, released this music video over a month ago, but it just recently popped up on my YouTube homepage. Y’all. It is a bop. It’s peppy and fun and I always thought Artie was underappreciated. Looking forward to more music from him!

Taste // Yellow Curry Simmer Sauce I’ve been trying to add more variety in my diet, but it can be hard to find quick, tasty meals that are non-dairy. I found this Simply Balanced Yellow Curry sauce and it is AMAZING. I made a quick, easy, and delicious curry with this sauce by browning some chicken, heating the sauce, adding the chicken, and then serving over sticky basmati rice. Amazing, and great leftovers!

Wear // UGH Yes, I said UGH. I loathe dressing for warm weather. It has never not been a struggle for me. I am attempting to develop a capsule wardrobe, mostly so I can work within my coming fall plans and prepare to move out, but also so next spring and summer, getting dressed for work and going out isn’t a stressful nightmare anymore.

Work // Hootsuite Just this past week, I started a new job as a social media director. I love it so far. it’s been challenging, but really exciting. Having two other jobs, and attempting to also freelance, remembering to post is hard! I did a Hootsuite certification (paid for by my college), and I use the free Hootsuite accounts to auto post for myself and both of my jobs! It’s absolutely amazing, I can’t believe I slept on it for this long!

Want // New Sneakers I am super overdue for new sneakers. I bought the ones I have over the summer of 2015. After running pretty consistently for just about five years I think I owe it to my poor feet to pick up a new pair of running shoes!

That is a wrap for Spring Favorites! What a crazy three months. I’m really looking forward to what else 2019 has to offer me. If these first few months are any indication, it’s going to be wild.

What were some of your favorites this Spring??
And on a more meta note, how do we feel about these seasonal favorites? I’ve been thinking about going back to a shorter, monthly favorite post, but I’m still on the fence. Let me know!

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