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Slow Down September Week Two: Working Out

Welcome to week 2 of Slow Down September where I tackle my second goal: Working Out

Physical strength has never really been my forte. The presidential fitness test was consistently the worst week of every school year, and I have been forever scarred, having to do my new record of zero sit ups with the whole class watching. That stayed with me for many years. I would go running, but not often, and not with a goal in mind. This past January, I signed up for a gym, and to my surprise, I actually loved it! While I’m not as good at sticking to working out regularly, I very much have seen the changes in my body since then. And I’m currently closer to my fitness goals than I ever have been.

Last month, I started working out with Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide pdf. I started with the pre-training, expecting a four week breeze and wow was I wrong. I got two weeks in, and got not just my butt kicked, but my legs, shoulders, and core too. I am legitimately afraid of

Last week, starting school again, I won’t lie to you, I did skip my workout days. I wasn’t sure how to fit it into my schedule, and I wanted to take some time to see how my weeks were going to go, before I added working out to my schedule.. Now that I’m in the second week and recovering from my vacation diet, I am so ready to get back to working out!

Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday I will be doing BBG pre-training workouts. Those are definite days. I’m not a fan of the Low Intensity Steady State, so I might sub them out for some cardio, probably spin classes or yoga. Because of my crazy schedule, it’s going to be a little weird how I’m going to work them in, but we will see!

Week One Recap: Journaling

I’ll admit it, I didn’t do so hot. Between school starting and a quick trip (more on that later!), it was hard to set the time aside. After a good 3-page decompress/written rant last night , I’m am getting back on track!


How did you do last week? And what’s your goals for this next slow down week? Let me know!

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