Halfway through September and it’s time to talk about my third self care habit for Slow Down September: Taking a Vacation.

What. A. Month. It has been a wild start to the school year, and certainly not short of stress. Even trying to stay on top of my stress has been stressful! But thanks to some wonderful people in my life, I was able to do one of the best possible stress-reducing things: I took a vacation.

Shocking, right?? September 7-9, I escaped work, school, and everything else down to Washington DC for a few days. We went down late Friday, and left Sunday afternoon. Why DC? It was a few hours drive from home, there were a ton of free/cheap options for food, travel, and entertainment, and we had talked about doing a weekend trip down for a while. It was a busy weekend, but an absolutely enjoyable one.

Taking a vacation can be wildly beneficial in general, and especially for your self care. The key is to find a place that’s best for you. For me 2 or 3 day trips are best between Friday and Sunday. I’m not missing more than one day of work, I’m back in time for class, and I have the week days to prep up work/blogs/laundry/insert to-do list item here.

Word to the wise, make sure you’re prepared ahead of time. Don’t do what I did and wait until two days before, do half of what you had to do and then decide you’ll work in the hotel. You won’t and you know it. Then you’ll spend two weeks catching up and have a very late blog post! Either way, onto the recaps!

Check In: Journaling

Again, doing okay. Now that I’m settling into my new schedule, and finally recovered from my poor pre-planning on my vacation, I’m trying to get back on track, and doing well! I’ve set a new goal of at least one good recap post per week, which is helping. And having this in my schedule really does force me to get to bed earlier, even if I do fall asleep writing, I’m going to call it a win.

Check In: Working Out

I’m not going to lie, I literally worked out once last week. Not good. Not good at all. BUT, we’re moving forward, not getting stuck! This week, I added my three BBG workouts to my to-do list, and my workout-buddy is ready to go. This week I will get back to it! I’m doing a the second workout for pre-training Week 3 today, a day later than I wanted, but done nonetheless! I need to get tighter on my workouts and diet, but we’re getting there!


Do you take vacations to help with your self care? How often, and where do you like to go? Let me know!


With this week’s delayed post, your regularly scheduled Slow Down September post will return on Monday. I don’t like two back to back, but it’s the last week of the month, and I’m really excited about this one!

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