By Moira September 4, 2018 In Lifestyle

Slow Down September Week One: Writing a Journal

Slow Down September has officially begun, and I’m starting the first new self care habit: journaling. I used to journal nearly every day. I got out of the habit when my schedule got busier, and just never got back to it in the same way. Lately, with a lot of stress piling on and big life decisions to make, I really need to set aside time for me to de-stress and unload at the end of the day.

My goal is to get back to journaling the way I used to. Every night I would get all ready for bed, full jammies and nighttime tea, before pulling out my journal to write. It was a nice, quiet period of time to myself where my phone was away, the lights were turned down, and I could just let it all go. It was meditative in a way, once it was down on paper, that’s it! No more worrying about it for tonight. I only wrote for as long as I could. Some people set timers for themselves, I prefer to write until I’m done. There were days where I wrote for nearly an hour, and others when I fell asleep mid-sentence. I always found a way to get what was most important to me down in the journal.

My goal this week is to write every day, even if it’s just a few lines. I have a few steps to make sure I write.

1. Setting reminders in Google Calendar // If you saw all the reminders I have in my calendar, you’d think I was crazy. They are the most helpful tool I have for staying on track throughout the day.

2. Moving my Journal // Right now, it’s on a shelf above my bed, out of sight and out of mind. I’ve moved it to my nightstand, right next to the books I’m currently reading. Always in sight, and easy to reach

3. Adding Items // This one is a little unique. I usually only wrote in my journal, but I’m adding little bits and pieces from different things I’m doing into the book. Flowers, baseball tickets, things like that. That way, when I go to an event or do something special, I know I’ll have to add it to my journal.

Writing in a journal was always a good habit to close my day and my week. Putting pen to paper was the best way to process and organize my thoughts. I’m really looking forward to getting into journaling again! Check up on my progress on my Instagram, and I’ll give a full update next Monday! Let me know, what are you doing for your first week of #SlowDownSeptember?

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