By Moira June 18, 2019 In College

Semester Update: One More To Go!

Summer break is here, I could not be happier for it. My spring grades came in, I’ve been cleared to graduate, and 2019 is looking to get even better this fall!

Spring 2018 Grades

Marketing Research A
Managerial Decision Modeling A
Social Media A
Operations Management A
Advertising and Marketing Communications A-
I am so unbelievably proud of myself, this is my best semester yet. All of my grades were on par with my expectations, or better! I’m a little bit annoyed, because of how close I was to a perfect GPA this semester, but still happy. My overall GPA now sits at 3.73, finally getting to Magna Cum Laude!

Fall Classes

Great news for this fall, my school switched to a new catalog, meaning that I now have only three classes to take instead of four. One class doesn’t seem like a huge difference, but this three credit change has massively reduced what I still have to pay. Initially, I owed $3,500 for the fall, and with this change, I have to pay just $1,200. It’s far from cheap, but I can actually afford it out of pocket, with some careful budgeting.

My final three classes for this fall are:
Integrated Business Strategy
Seminar in Marketing Strategy
New Product Development
The first two are capstones for my major, and the third is my last marketing elective.

The Big Move

The big, big change for the fall is that in order to get the best schedule, I had to changes campuses. I am moving 2 hours a way for the fall! It’s exciting to be moved out, but I’m still staying with family, not totally independent (yet). Big perk though, I’ll be able to intern in New York! And with only three classes, I will have plenty of time. I’ve put out a few applications already, but I’m really hoping to work with NPR. It’s one of my top 3 companies I want to work for post-grad, and it would be amazing to intern for them.
Moving to North Jersey is definitely a big move, and commuting back and forth between school and home on the weekends is going to be rough. But I am really looking forward to the opportunities it will bring!

In the mean time though, this is the summer to work my a$$ off, save some money, and actually take a vacation (*le gasp) for the first time since my senior trip in 2014. I cannot wait for what this fall semester will bring!

What are your plans for this fall? Let me know!

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