With just 6 weeks remaining, my fall semester is starting to come to a close. Unfortunately, that also means the work is really kicking up. I am getting more and more excited at the days go on though, I’m almost officially one year away from being done! Like done, done, graduated, escaped, and never looking back at the undergrad from hell! Which is great, but also really scary! While the super-senior-itis is kicking in (yes I’m making that a thing), I do still need to stay focused on my current classes!

Business Statistics:  A

Surprisingly, I think Business Stats might be my favorite class this semester! I went in with a measure of dread, but it’s a lot of review from my last stats class and my professor is amazing. I was feeling really confident going into my Midterm. I walked out of that exam with a 98%, giving me my current grade of 95%. There are a few more small assignments for the class, and then the final exam. A month out now, I’m not really nervous for the test, which is a good sign! I’m expecting to earn an A or A- for this class.

Management Information Systems: A

This class is a nightmare. It’s this hodgepodge of information with no natural flow. The initial professor was replaced, and we didn’t have class for a few weeks. Eventually he was replaced, and I would use a very specific set of words to describe the new guy. Words I’m going to choose to not use in this post today. Grade wise, I got a 98 on the first exam, and it’s the only grade we have back. I’ve done another exam and a project so far, both ungraded. There were 4 homeworks, assigned by the initial professor, that I haven’t completed or turned in. They’re due, but don’t have a deadline, so I really need to get to it so I don’t overwork myself in the last weeks of December to make it up. We have another project due on 11/14, and another with a mystery deadline. Both are group projects, and I hate them. After that, just one more exam. In the end, I’m expecting an A- in this class

Business & Professional Writing: B+

What a freaking mess. The professor is teaching things she doesn’t understand, teaching outdated information, and it’s so much busy work. And I LOATHE busy work. Professors who assign work just to give students work belong in the deepest circles on hell. I have a B+ as of today, and I have a certifiable crap ton of assignments left. It feels impossible to get her assignments done, because there is just so much. I know I’ll do well in class, but I might tear all my hair out in the process! In the end, I’m expecting to earn a B+ or A- in class.

Business to Business Marketing: A? B? F?

The class is boring, the professor can’t work technology, and the grading is Off. The. Walls. I don’t actually know my grade because we haven’t been given one. We had 5 assignments (that I have no idea if the professor has received), 1 exam (with an average score around 68%), and a paper (with no rubric). I have no clue for my assignment grades, I bombed the exam, and I did really well on the paper. There is another paper due soon, but the professor messed up TurnItIn, so who knows when. We also have a group project & presentation, that doesn’t seem so bad, just annoying. Our final “exam” is take home, and I think it’s a paper? The professor hasn’t been super clear on it. He also mentioned adding in another short paper as extra credit, but he hasn’t talked about it since then. This class is a lot tougher than I expected, especially for an elective. I have no idea what I’ll earn, but likely a B or B-.


My internship is going really well! I enjoyed the research I did, and my boss asked me to put together a pitch for her for the target market I had been researching. After that, I have a pretty big paper due to the school for the end of the internship, which will be lovely. Not great, but it’s not too bad! I don’t know if I receive a letter grade or a pass/fail for this class, but if it it letter grade, I’m definitely expecting at least an A-.

Independent Study

Here’s where it gets a little less fun. I definitely overbooked myself this semester, and my Independent Study is what took the hit. I got really behind and wanted to withdraw from the class. I spoke with the advisor, and we decided to mark it as incomplete. With an incomplete. I get the chance to try it again in the spring semester. It just has to be finished by early April, or else it shows up as an F on my transcript. Given that it’s an independent study, I can start as soon as I want. The fall semester ends on the 21st, so my plan is to get into the films and the course around December 26th, right after Christmas. Ideally, I’ll have the entire thing done (6-7 films and 7-10 page paper) by the time spring classes start at the end of January! We will see, I’ll keep you up to date as it goes.

Big Updates: Picking Classes for Spring

I am currently in the process of settling on my spring semester classes! I’ll let you know later in January when it comes time for the spring since they could change. There wasn’t a lot of choice, most of my classes only offered one section, so my actual schedule overall is what one may call a hot wreck at this point.

With just 5 weeks left in the semester, I really am looking forward to closing this semester out. So far the fall 2018 semester has been a really rough one, but a strong one! I’ve learned a lot and it feels really good to be on the downhill for once.

How has your semester been going? Looking forward to the end of the term? Let me know!