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Podcast Roundup: The 6 Podcasts I Listen to Every Week

I am a podcast addict.

Between work, school gym, and side jobs, I spend 10+ hours in the car every week. For a while I was listening to music during my commute, but eventually the same three Spotify playlists get pretty boring. Looking or something more engaging, I slowly migrated to podcasts. And now, I listen to more podcasts than anything else, in and out of the car! I’m always checking out new shows, but these 6 podcasts are my absolute go-to shows every week.

NPR News Now

NPR News Now logo

True Confession: I listen to a lot of NPR podcasts. I found they they’re really the best for news. News Now publishes a 5 minute episode every hour. Which is, first of all, insane, and second of all, a life saver. I rarely actually watch the news, and I had been feeling really out of the loop the past few months. News Now is quick and easy. It’s the first thing I play in the morning, in the car, and the last thing I play at night. News Now is definitely the fastest way to stay in the loop.

NPR Up First

NPR Up First podcast logo

News Now comes first in the morning, and Up First is next! Up First is a roughly fifteen minute show highlighting the most important news stories around the world. They reach out to local correspondents to get a more expert opinion on a variety of topics. I’ve been dying for a good morning news show, and this is the best one I have found across podcasts, YouTube, and television.

Gals on the Go

Gals on the Go podcast logo

This is the chat show you need in my life. Run by two girls in college, Danielle Carolan and Brooke Miccio, Gals on the Go is an hour-ish long podcast posted weekly talking about different topics in their lives or the life of a college girl on the go. The show is so easy to identify with, and between Danielle & Brooke, as well as the great community on Facebook are so supportive and inspiring!


Okay so this may be another NPR podcast. BUT it’s not just news show, so hear me out! Throughline is a new show from NPR that dives into historical stories to connect the to events happening today. They post weekly, and episodes are about 40 minutes long. My favorite one was the first episode, Four Days in August, talking about the 1953 coup in Iran’s orchestrated by the CIA. I’m not a history buff, but I really enjoy Throughline!

On the Line

I’ve been a fan of Estee Lalonde for years so naturally I gave her podcast a listen! I love the topics and the breakdown of the show. I actually think that the reiki one was my favorite, which surprised me. I’m looking forward to more episodes if Estee is still recording!

A Little About a Lot

I like watching the Sorry Girls on YouTube, Kelsey and Becky are based in Toronto and run a home decor DIY channel, and I didn’t know they had a podcast. I’m still new to this one, and I was surprised that they dove into a little bit deeper issues than I would have expected them to. I found their content really interesting, realistic, and their accents are adorable!

Other Podcasts I’m Checking Out

I’m always looking for new ones, and I’d like to add a few more into my regular listening routine. Some I have on my list right now include Thick & Thin, Chatty Broads, My Favorite Murder, Just Between Us, All Songs Consdered, Pop Culture Happy Hour, Unladylike, and This American Life.

If you’re an avid podcast listener, what are your favorites?
If you’re not a big listener, anything catching your eye on this post?
And most importantly, would you be interested in checking out this survey on a new pod-project? Click here to check it out and let us hear your thoughts!

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