By Moira August 14, 2018 In Lifestyle

Pixieset: Shop My Prints!

I am so, so, so excited to finally announce that I have extended my site to include a page on PixieSet!

Totally #NotSpon by the way, I just really like the site! I’ve used to to browse other photographer’s prints, and have ordered a couple before. It’s a really great basic website for photographers of all levels of ability, both with the camera and on the computer, can sell prints. The first set I’m posting will be the photos from my foggy photoshoot at Viking Village in Barnegat Light. I’m really proud of those photos, they aren’t exactly museum quality, but it was a really fun shoot and great practice!

My last attempt at a shoot was slightly disrupted, which you’ll see a post on soon, but keep an eye out for more photos coming soon, both here, and on my new page on PixieSet!

Where should I shoot next? Let me know your ideas!

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