By Moira May 28, 2019 In Post Grad

My Summer Bucket List

Now that classes are over, I am on my last summer vacation ever! Part of me is a little sad, college is almost over and there are so many things to think about before going into my final semester. The other part of me is more excited than anything to actually get into the real world, post-grad. I have a lot to balance this summer, between work, school, and post-grad plans. But I still want to actually enjoy my summer! So in order to do that, I made a summer bucket list with everything I want to do on my last college summer!

One Full Beach Day

I live and work just a few minutes away from the beach, and I rarely go. But I need to spend at least one full day at the beach this summer.

Closet Cleanout

A little bit less fun than a beach day, but I honestly love a good closet clean out! I’m been Marie Kondo-ing my closet for years, even before Marie Kondo. But with move-out on the horizon, it’s definitely time to clear out all the clothes I never wear, don’t fit, or that I don’t like. I always sell or donate my clothes. Make sure they’re being donated to an organization that will use them, not just sold for profit!

Read a Book – For Fun!

Within the next few months off, it’s my goal to finish a 7 books. On Goodreads. I set my 2019 goal as 12 books, and I need to get seven done to catch up by August. Follow me on Goodreads to see what I’m reading!

Run a Race

I have been running on and off since the eighth grade, and I have never once actually ran in a race. This summer it is my goal to complete at least one race. Realistically, I’d like to do more than one! But let’s set the goal low to start!

Catch a Daytime Movie

For some reason, I LOVE going to daytime movies. It feels so against the rules to go to the movie in the middle of the day when everyone else is at work. Extra perks, you usually get the theater to yourself and matinee tickets are cheaper!

Go Out to the Beach Clubs

Beach clubs are a newer thing where I live, and thanks to my new job, I’m got to experience one for the first time the other day. They are actually really great! It’s better than our usual place, and I just want to get out for a good time at least once!

Bonfire Night

Summer means bonfire nights, setting marshmallows on fire, and a ridiculous amount of joking around with friends. A must-have for every summer.

This summer going to be crazy busy, and I cannot wait for it! What’s on your summer bucket list for this year??

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