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Midterm Survival Guide: 6 Tips to Make it Through Your Exams

I am deep in the middle of midterm season. As I write this, I had two exams yesterday, one today, one the week after spring break, and the one after that AND a massive term paper due next Monday. But here I am, ever the dedicated blogger, writing this Midterm Survival Guide for you.

This year represents the end of my fifth year in college, so it’s pretty safe to say I’ve taken a lot of midterms in my life. And I have done it all. Presentations, short video recordings, regular exams, essay questions only, take-homes, online, papers, and even a 60 question test that was only true and false. One will never understand true terror until you flip through six pages of only True/False questions.

All that aside, in five years of acing and failing midterm exams, I have learned a lot about taking midterms, and I wanted to pass on my top 6 tips for you in a short Midterm Survival Guide.


This is the most important exam advice you will even receive. Do not stay up all night to study. Do not go into a major exam with 2 hours of sleep. You don’t want to risk sleeping through your exam, or worse, falling asleep during your test. Trust me, I have been there. If you really need as many hours as possible to cram, try doing two late nights, rather than one all-nighter, or get to bed early and getting up early.

Start Early

If you’re trying to get to bed on time, make sure you start studying early! I try to set reminders two weeks early to start reviewing material. To get the best jump, use Quizlet to add quiz questions and vocab words from the text and lectures as you go. I’ve started doing that this semester, and it has changed my academic life.

Talk to Your Professor

When you have a question, definitely don’t be afraid to talk to your professors! Whether by email or during office hours, your professors are there for a reason, they will help you out. If you’re way too nervous to go into office hours, don’t forget you can always email them, or reach out to TAs if you have one.

Try Different Study Methods

Articles telling you about miraculous study techniques and best ways to learn are a dime a dozen. The key to figuring out what works the best for you is trying different things. Some different study methods include rewriting notes, flashcards, Pomodoro technique, reading the book, and more.

Hit the Gym

You know the rules everyone, exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy, and happy people just don’t kill their husbands. While none of us are on trial for murdering our husbands, working out will get those endorphins flowing, which can help you learn and remember information.

Treat Yourself!

You made it, you got through your exam, in mostly one piece! Take a day to relax and do a little woo-sah breathing to get everything focused again. Catch up on your YouTube subscriptions, have a DIY spa day, or hang out with friends. I’m just finishing my exams today, and I have a mountain of laundry to do! Treating myself to my favorite take out, a Netflix marathon (Coming for you Umbrella Academy), and lots, and lots of folding!

Midterms are the absolute worst, and I am so glad that I’ve managed to get through my tenth semester of them (omg!) and mostly survive it. What are your best tips for getting through midterm exams? And more importantly? What is your favorite way to treat yourself after??
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