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Journal No. 1

Good morning world! Coming at you bright and early on a Sunday no less!
Inspired by Carly the Prepster’s Diary posts, I wanted to challenge myself to write for 10 minutes straight, just off the top of my head. This was my first attempt at writing a journal for the blog, and I’m pretty proud of how it went!

Stressed. Stressed, Stressed, Stressed. That is the word for today x1000. Between school, and work, and school in the fall, and work in the fall, and the literal mountain of laundry staring me in the face right now, my brain is at max panic capacity. So much so, it took me three tries to spell ‘capacity’ right. Yeah, I know.

I’m trying to stay on top of all that, and plus train for the Spring Lake 5-Miler at the end of May. That race is looking like it’s going to be rough. The farthest I’ve run is 3.5 miles, with a pretty consistent 16:13/mile time, which is definitely progress. But in order to stay on top of everything in life, I keep skipping workouts. Not great. I was using the Hal Higdeon Novice 5K plan, but now I’ve moved to the Novice 10K. I’m repeating Week 3 this week, and then I should be on track to finish Week 6 on race day, so it will line up for me. Ideally.

Plans for this Sunday though, first and foremost cleaning. Sunday is always laundry day for me, this week is clothes and sheets. I try really hard to put away my clothes the day that I wash them, but lately, it just hasn’t been happening. I’m also changing my sheets today, cleaning Gus’ cage, tidying shoes, and cleaning under my bed. I’m going to try to also get to my desk, I want to make it an actual functional desk for the next few weeks.

After cleaning, it is absolutely homework time. I am thisclose to being done, and there is a lot to do still. If you want the breakdown:
Managerial: Two apparent missing homework assignments to make up
Social Media: Presentation, paper, and project all due on Tuesday!
Marketing Communications: Chapter questions and a project to finish
Marketing Research: Admitting another seven questionnaires and an online quiz
Operations: One online homework
Next week I have everything due, the following week I only have half of my classes, and then it’s finals! Really looking at less than 3 weeks before it’s over! Wild to think there’s just one semester left.

Last of all, there is blog work to do! I have to actually write the two posts for this week and plan the calendar for the summer. I have a shoot next weekend (send help plz), for a blog post, so there’s a good amount to prep for that. Plus, working on a few ~~new projects~~ too, getting some schedules set for one, and a bit of editing for the other!

Before I close up this supposed-to-be-10-minute-journal session, I want to try to set goals for this week:
Finish all three scheduled runs
Keep Desk Clean
Get two blog posts out

Write another 10 minute (ish) journal next Sunday

This was my first 10-minute journal, and I really liked it! I ended up writing for about a half an hour this, on a good flow and not wanting to break it. There are definitely some things I’m going to do differently for the next one (more photos maybe?), but I’m happy with how it turned out! I’m excited to kick off my Sunday with this journal, and I look forward to what this week brings!

What did you think of this kind of post? Likes, dislikes, thoughts, commentary, whatever! Let me know your thoughts below!

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