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Goals for 2019

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I’m going to go ahead and say it: New Years Resolutions Don’t Work. I’ve been making New Years Resolutions for fourteen years, and I have never stuck to one, ever. This year I’m doing it a little bit differently. Instead of resolutions, in 2019 I’m setting goals for myself

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I decided to set goals for myself instead of resolutions because I wanted to think about myself in a more kind way, go into a fresh, brand new year with a positive attitude about me and my actions. When I make resolutions, you look at myself to see the flaws, the things I need to fix. I was going into the new year with a negative mindset, believing that I, as I am, need to be fixed. And when I was inevitably failing to fulfill these resolutions, I would just feel worse about myself. And every year I relived it, reminding myself “oh you failed to fix this last year, try to fix it again now.” Setting my goals on the other hand, I’m not looking at bad things to fix, but rather where I can do better. I’m accepting where I am now, and striving to be better, happier, and healthier this time next year.

I initially listed my goals in the margins of my notebook in school, thinking about it one rather boring day in class. Then, narrowing them down a little bit, finding my priorities, and then breaking them down into categories. I chose four categories: Finances, Career, School, and Personal. I transcribed the final lists in my new, beautiful, lovely planner, and a more detailed list of blog/brand goals in my moleskine notebook dedicated to everything side-hustle related.

Finances I spent most of 2018 learning about everything relating to my personal finances. I’m far from an expert, but I’m going into 2019 a lot more knowledgable than last year.
• Save up for and pay for my fall semester
• Pay off my Sallie Mae loan (12.875% interest!!)
• Have $1,000 in my savings account

Career There’s a lot going on this year work-wise. I had initially written a lot of notes and goals and a massive list of things for this. Upon some deep thought (and maybe a mini breakdown), I ended up removing a lot of the goals that were going to stress me out more than anything else.
• Have a job lined up before I graduate in December
• Start freelancing for social media and web design
• Get my Instagram to 2,000 followers
• Post twice a week on the blog
• Post 3 times a week on Instagram
• Have my work published on 3 different websites

School This will be my last year of college. I am incredibly happy to be almost done, but not letting the (super) senior-itis get to me yet.
• Graduate! Duh..
• Graduate Summa Cum Laude, and I need a 3.85+ GPA
• Get into the Marketing honor society

Personal This section is kind of just everything else! Fitness, lifestyle, hobbies, and more.
• Read 12 books this year and keep up with Goodreads along the way
• Increase my fitness. Feel stronger, more confident and healthier
Move out of my parents house
• Run and finish a race, maybe even a marathon this year?
• Stay on top of my time management system
• Curate my wardrobe and actually define my style
• Go to bed and get up at reasonable times
• Go on more vacations/day-trips/adventures

And that’s it! A lot of goals for this year, but they’re all attainable. I’m really looking forward to this year. It’s going to be an amazing one, and I have so much to look forward to in 2019 and (dare I say it) 2020!

Did you set goals for the new year? What are some of your 2019 goals?


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