Y’all it’s time for Fall! I am so excited for my favorite season and even though I’m heading in with a cold (hence no post last Friday!), I have made one heck of a to-do list for the next couple months. Every year there is so much that I really want to do during the short fall season, and I hate feeling like I missed out on something. I set myself a deadline for my seasonal bucket list, November 30th. Now, I know that winter doesn’t start until December 20th, but let’s be honest, December 1 is Christmas season. That’s a whole other seasonal to do list! Before I get too excited for the holidays, let’s dive into my Fall Bucket List:

Apple Picking

A staple, but a staple I haven’t done since I was eight! Even though I’m allergic to raw apples (what even, right?), you can bet that I’m going pick far more fruit than I would ever need.

Bake Pies

Must it be said: Apple Pie. I love to eat it, and I make a killer pie. Nothing tastes as good as a fresh, homemade pie. Win your Thanksgiving with some homemade desserts, it’s as easy as pie!

Go to a Pumpkin Patch

Carving is important, but it’s even more important to get the authentic feel. It’s easy to run out to grab a pumpkin or gourd at the grocery store, instead support a local business by swinging by a pumpkin patch! Best advice go early, both in the season and in the day!

Watch the World Series

I’m a big baseball fan, and even though the Nationals let me down this year, doesn’t mean I won’t watch! Thoroughly invested, I’ve watched most of the playoffs, and will definitely do mini party for the games! Rooting for the Brewers as my de facto team this year


I don’t love bonfires, they’re not an every weekend thing for me, but sometimes it’s just super nice to sit out in the chilly fall weather, throw on a big sweater, and hang out by the fire. S’mores, drinks, and friends. A great night or what?

Make Soup

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE soup in the winter. I could eat it every day for lunch. This year, instead of just feasting on Campbells, it’s high time to take on the challenge to make my own soup!

Fall Fashion

I’m not advocating for a brand new wardrobe every season, but treat yourself to a couple of new pieces! Look for those good quality pieces that will last, and you love!

Go Leaf Peeping

This is my favorite thing about NJ, I love watching the leaves change on my commute. That being said, I really want to make an effort to try to go out and see more of the state! Look online for local leaf peeping guides for your state or surrounding area. For New Jersey, this is a great one!

Watch a Spooky Movie

I hate scary movies with a passion. Would rather die than watch scary movies. It is super fun to watch some spooky ones to get into the spirit! My list this year includes Hocus Pocus (never seen it!), some Stephen King movies, Ghostbusters, and obviously Charlie Brown!

Watch Some Football

The next great American pasttime, the season is kicking up! Between baseball games, we’re definitely flipping to keep up on the scores for football! I’m a Broncos and Redskins fan though, and this year is looking a liiiiitttlleee rough for us.. Let’s hope..

Go for a Hike

The best time to get outside and into nature is absolutely the fall. It’s not too cold, not too hot, and not full of pollen. I’ve always wanted to go for a hike, it’s a beautiful excuse for some good exercise! Maybe double dip with some leaf peeping too?

Cook a Hearty Meal

With the weather getting colder, it’s important to have some good rib-sticking meals! Good hearty lunches and dinners are the best way to pick up your mood, and warm everything from the belly first! And yes, this could be cheated by counting soup as your hearty meal, but I’m setting a rule for no double dipping! Challenge yourself for 2 good meals, that aren’t Thanksgiving this fall!

Drink Some Cider

It’s a fall rule, you have to drink cider. Spiced, hot, cold, or spiked, you just have to give a good cider a try! Personally, I love a good chilled, plain cider. Keeping it classic! That being said, an apple cider mimosa, sounds like something I can’t say no to.


I am so looking forward to celebrating fall the next two months, with a normal work schedule and having some time off to actually do these things. Check out my Instagram for some of the finished goals! When the weather gets cooler, I’m a happy, happy camper. What’s on your bucket list for fall? And after you set yours, get out and enjoy that weather! It won’t last forever!

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