By Moira December 4, 2018 In Finance

December Budget

The best month of the whole year is here, it is Christmas month! Or insert your given holiday month, if you aren’t celebrating Christmas. December is the knight in shining armor of every year, bringing presents and food and snow and freedom from class. It means fun gift income, but a lot of gift spending too, making this the worst month for us budget people! My budget for November & December has been pretty wild when it comes to adding in gift spending, for family, friends, and myself.

November Budget Review

In November, I finished up only $45 over budget. I was over in  categories, and under in 8. Not great, but better than October. The worst overage was in food, I spent a lot, breaking my budget by $108. Definitely need to start saying no to that. My clothes budget was also over, breaking by $63. Both of those were more than double what I budgeted. Other overages include gifts, Gus, and miscellaneous, due to Target purchase that I have ZERO clue on. My car was cheaper this month, and I kept health & fitness spending low. Entertainment was $0, so was school & home expenses. A bad under, I put $0 into my savings this month.

Big Achievement

Another one of my overages was my TJ Maxx credit card. I usually budget $35/month for the card, which is a little more than the minimum monthly payment. My goal is always to pay more, but this month I put $140 total in, four times what I planned for! I was really glad that I could afford to make that big move. The total amount it still high, but I’d like to keep that up. My goal is to have that paid off by February!

Changes to Make

Remembering to add things. This month I was really bad at remembering to add things into my budget. My November end balance was $768 in my sheet, but checking my bank account & cash balance, my new starting balance was $596. Nearly $200 difference! I don’t know what in the heck I did, but something went haywire. I need to be a lot more diligent about logging my spending

December Budget Preview

I liked keeping my cash and debit budgets on the same spreadsheet, and I think I’m going to keep it that way! I kept a lot of my numbers the same, but made a few changes: – Health & Fitness         $70 –> $50 – Savings                         $50 –> $100 – Gift Budget                  $150 –> 175 One worry is that I had a much bigger charge from my gym than I expected. usually I get two $21 charges a month, but I got hit with $49 just today! Definitely going to have to call and check in on that one.

And all of the sudden we’re counting down the last few days of 2018. What a truly wild year, it feels like it has been going on forever. For context, we had an Olympics this year. Yeah. I couldn’t believe it either. Regardless, I’m really looking forward to what 2019 is going to bring, it certainly going to be one heck of a year for me! How did your November budget go? Are you set with your Christmas budget? Let me know!


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