By Moira September 2, 2018 In Lifestyle

A Self Care Challenge: Slow Down September

It’s a little early, but I think we can all agree that 2018 has been the year of Self Care. It has become so much more important and common to not just Treat Yo’ Self, but also to love yourself, and in whatever way works best for you.

As much as I love self care, I still forget to do it. When it comes to working and interning and school and everything else on my massive to-do list, sometimes I forget to do things for me. Things like stepping away from my computer, time off work, and eating vegetables. So when Livs from Doof & Bean reached out about her Slow Down September Challenge, I was in totally in.



The four week challenge starts on Labor Day. Every week, a new self care habit is incorporated into your routine. This means daily intentional changes to your routine. Definitely not easy, but worth it!

It took me a little while to decide what my four things would actually be. Some things I wanted to add in, like being in bed by 10 PM, were a little too ambitious for my current schedule. Others, like drink more water, didn’t feel ambitious enough. I ended up with four really good ones, and a few extra bits to add along the way:

Week 1   Journaling

Week 2   Working Out

Week 3   Time Away

Week 4   Reading

Every Monday I’ll have a new post for that week’s new self care habit, checking in with the previous habits, and dropping in with the bonus ones along the way as well as regular accountability posts on my Instagram.

Are you taking adding in more self care to your routine? Join in #SlowDownSeptember and share your new goals below!