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Reviewing My 2019 Goals

December is here again and 2019 is almost over, thankfully. This has been one hell of a year and I am glad it’s on its way out the door. But as one does at the end of the year, I’ve been looking back at the goals I set for myself last year.

Let’s just start off, wow I set some real, real high goals. It’s definitely tough to look back and see things that I didn’t quite accomplish, but seeing what I did, feels so good. You can read my original 2019 goals here, and catch my review of them all below.

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Starting strong, I completed 0 out of 3 here. Oof, right? The one I got closest to achieving was saving up to pay for my fall semester. I had made the first two payments, and then I had to replace my car. My parents agreed to cover the rest of my tuition, while I focused on the car. Instead of tuition with some left in my savings, I dropped $1700 on a used car and almost nothing left in my savings.

My other two goals were to have $1000 in my savings account and pay off my Sallie Mae loan. With buying a new car and having a recent large car repair, my savings account has been a little light. Currently, I have a combined $600 in my savings accounts. As for starting to pay off my student loans, none of that happened in 2019, which I’m okay with.


Another set of goals that I set way too high. I did start freelancing for social media and web design, and that’s helped with growing my income for the last few months. The other 5 goals? Not quite. The one that bothers me the most is not having a job yet.

I do still have some time (9 days!) before I’m done, but there’s a good chance I won’t have a job lined up before December. Half of me is absolutely freaking out about that, but the other half of me is doing my best to breath deep and use logic. A professor of mine pointed out that most companies are going to be on a hiring freeze until January, waiting for the holidays to pass and reviewing their current department standings. Which means fellow stressed post-grads, just another couple weeks of deep breathing and apps!


One area that I did really well is my school goals. I achieved 2 out of the 3 goals I set, and I’m absolutely okay with that. The first goal was to Graduate. While technically I don’t walk at graduation until May, I have been approved to graduate and I am finished with classes on the 18th!

My second college goals was to graduate Summa Cum Laude, which was a cumulative GPA of 3.85. As of today, I am going to have a 3.76 GPA, which lines me up to graduate Magna Cum Laude. So technically I didn’t hit my goal, but I’m honestly really okay with that.

My third college goal was to get into Mu Kappa Tau, the Marketing Honor Society, which I did last spring! I also overachieved this goal, getting into Lambda Alpha Sigma Honor Society, my school’s ‘society’ for honors students.


Last but not least, I set myself a lot of personal goals last year. Eight to be exact, most of which were super vague. Of those 8, I accomplished like, 3 and a half! First, read 12 books. I finished, no joke, three books this year: Little Fires Everywhere, Call Me by Your Name, and The Defining Decade. So, one more than last year, but not quite there. Check out my ratings on Goodreads!

Next, run and finish a race, which I did! Back in May, I finished my first race ever, and then I did my second race in June. I’m incredibly proud of myself for actually finishing, and I can’t wait to beat those times and do more this coming year, a post to come on this!

The third completed goal was to go on more vacations/day-trips. There wasn’t a ton, but my SO and I went on a week-long vacation with family, made it out to the Poconos, and did a few other day trips this year. We’re trying to get one more in before the year ends too!

My little half-completed goal was to curate my wardrobe. That have definitely been a challenge for me, and I’ve spent a lot of this year sorting out the clothes I don’t like or wear anymore (coming to Poshmark soon!), and beginning the process of adding in new/new-to-me pieces that are better quality and actually fit my style. I say half-completed because I’m nowhere near where I wanted to be, but I made a really big dent into it this year.

Looking at my goals alone, it doesn’t look like I did so well in 2019. But not wanting to end this post or this year on a negative note, here’s the most important things that I did accomplish this year:

  1. Reconnected with Friends I had been feeling really left out and lonely for the first half of the year. Over the summer I finally womaned up and reconnected with an old high school friend, and I could not be happier having another close friend in my life.
  2. Took Control of my Mental Health It’s always an ongoing journey, and I’m far from magically cured (though it would be nice!), but I started, and that’s the hardest part.
  3. Chopped my Hair This seems like a little thing, but this summer I chopped my hair and donated it for the third time. I love donating my hair, it grows so fast, and I don’t need to hold onto it. As long as it keeps growing I’ll keep donating until I’m too far grey!
  4. FINISHED COLLEGE!!!! It had to be said again because it’s that amazing! After 5 ½ years, I. Did. It.

It feels absolutely crazy that we’re at the end of the decade, and I’m looking to the start of a whole new chapter of my life, post-grad. It’s scary, but I truly am looking forward to it. I’m finishing up my new 2020 goals post, but in the meantime, what were your biggest accomplishments this year? What are you most proud of from 2019? Let me know below!

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